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A constantly changing regulatory environment

Frequent/permanent regulatory changes in the financial sector make the role of the compliance and internal control manager (RCCI/RCSI) increasingly complex.

They must now devote considerable time to assimilating new regulatory requirements (directives, instructions, AMF/ACPR reports, new policies, etc.) in addition to their daily tasks of implementing a risk management system and control.


It is with this in mind that, in 2013, AGAMA Conseil, the French leader in delegation of permanent and periodic controls to asset management companies and investment firms, designed and developed the BELT Solutions tool.


The tool, developed in SaaS mode, was designed for compliance officers (RCCI/RCSI) of asset management and investment firms subject to AMF and/or ACPR approval, regardless of the field of activity (asset management, real estate, investment capital, securitization, etc.).

Why choose BELT?

BELT is destined to become an essential. A tool adapted to the challenges and practical concerns of an era faced with constant regulatory pressure and new ways of working with our customers: working alone or in a team, face-to-face or remotely in a digital world, security and data auditing, instant personalized reporting, etc. We are also working on the next version of the tool which will include access to the latest regulatory monitoring.


BELT is an innovative software , unique on the market, in tune with new technologies. As surprising as it may seem, it is the first digital solution that takes on a regulatory subject in terms of compliance and internal control in the financial field, requiring a lot of time and attention from compliance teams. . A solution that allows RCCI/RCSI to devote their time to high value-added tasks and gain in productivity and efficiency!

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