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What is BELT and it's benefits?

BELT allows the RCCI/RCSI to have a Control Plan that is permanently up to date with regulatory developments (central access to regulatory references, control sheets, reports and updated systems). Secondly, users will soon be able to follow the risk mapping of their control system, which allows a clear and continuous assessment of compliance risks.


For its part, AGAMA Conseil is in charge of regulatory monitoring and contributes, through its positioning and its market share on delegation or inspection assistance missions, to updating the BELT software.

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After the creation of the Control plan, the platform guides the user in the progress of the controls and the follow-up of the open recommendations with precise statistics on the sheets already validated, in progress, or those not yet initiated.

On the occasion of the completion of its control sheet, the RCCI/RCSI can then directly integrate its findings and formalize the related recommendations and thus assign a level of risk (compliant audit - minor risk - moderate risk - major risk) displayed by a color code thus making the tool as effective, readable and ergonomic. These files can be downloaded in PDF format.

The advantage observed for our customers is the ease of editing a control report at any time in a few seconds. This is a guaranteed time saver for the RCCI/RCSI. When the report is generated, the points of non-compliance are immediately highlighted.

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BELT is also an interactive software to be used as a team. It allows compliance teams to distribute the workload and keep an audit trail of the various controls carried out, the documents analyzed and the sampling selected. The constantly evolving tool will allow controllers to issue recommendations assigned to other employees such as financial managers or the middle office, for example.

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